The trouble with Tuesdays…

The troubles I’m having with this whole tuesday

I have lived all my live long days in the most wonderful state of Oklahoma. I literally love this place. I was born here, all my friends and a lot of my family live here. I have deep roots in my community of moore/southwest OKC. I have, all my life loved this magical place.

I am a fan of Lena Dunham, I think she’s a superstar and such a bad A independent woman. That has almost nothing to do with anything except in her book “Not That Kind of Girl” she said that she probably didn’t meet a republican until she was an adult.

I live in Oklahoma, I LOVE my friends and my family here. It is filled, very full with loving kind people that are registered as republicans. That has almost nothing to do with anything except that most republicans also claim christianity as a way of life.

I am a mainly democratic independent lady that votes for whoever she wants to. Its mostly people with social justice type agendas, that are for helping people. I dont mean I vote for people that say they like that stuff and use religion to pull on heart strings to manipulate people. I mean the people that all their live long days have fought for the least of these.

I have lived almost my whole life never meeting a democrat. Which is funny now because i feel like a die hard in a lot of ways. But I still live in Oklahoma, and all my rooted people are not like me in the way they are politically registered to vote. But they are like me in a thousand other ways. They love people, they want to do good for others and when they see someone who is hurting, they want to help. I don’t just think this, Ive seen this.

So really the way we are registered to vote brings up a lot things for me on this super tuesday and this election year, and I have a lot of troubling, deep, deep troubling questions to a lot of my friends and family who I see post very bold, very clear statements towards different things. Now I get it, we all have a right to vote for who we please. America is so fortunate for that.

But I have some questions, specifically for my republican friends and families whom claim christianity as a way of life for them.

I get wanting to keep the money you earned for yourself, but I also understand there are things that we all pay for in taxes that we greatly benefit from (fire department, police officers, public school, public officials, people who gather our garbage, people who deliver our mail, people who  take care of the orphans of our states, people who keep our parks and infrastructures up) So theres a lot. I cant name them all. So thats great.

A lot of my friends on social media post a lot of things about praying and being specifically christian. From your perspective, as a publicly proclaimed follower of Jesus, how do you justify not letting the addict buy food for their children (specifically talking to christians who want to take away food stamps and drug test for them)? I know addiction is frustrating. I know its hard to see people dependent on things and unable to break that cycle of poverty and addiction. But man, cant we all agree that it is a cycle that isn’t designed for freedom? Absolutely heart wrenching to watch. Its something so terribly debilitating that unless you have profound determination, you wont be able to break. I know upper middle class people that have died from addiction and not for lack of resources or opportunity. So imagining having no resources, and no opportunity, I feel like thats a lot of odds against you…but you still got kids that need breakfast lunch and dinner, even if all you have to offer them is powdered donuts. People get real mad about powdered donuts too, but I know plenty of wealthy people who feed their kids powdered donuts and we all know they aren’t good for you but who is worse, the mom who has food stamps and no car and can only walk to the gas station for breakfast, or the family that has enough that drives to the store? Neither really. They are both just parents trying to live their lives and get their kids some donuts. Also worth noting, I don’t think enabling is the answer either. But unfortunately addicts have children and while sure maybe DHS should take a lot of their kids, DHS is underfunded and under employed. In America there are a trillion bazillion church buildings, but seemingly not enough Christians to take care of the hungry, the poor, the addict, the homeless, the stranger, the children, So I’m genuinely wondering, to those who want to take away the little money the poor has, whats the solution? What does taking away food stamps and free lunches for kids solve? I am specifically asking the white middle class, self proclaimed christians and republicans.

I know that might sound like a sarcastic question, but it only sounds that way because I feel a fury inside of me when i see people post things like “abortion is murder” and “drug test for food stamps” and “ universal health care is like giving out trophies to everyone” Because i don’t personally believe that seeing a low income family for the flu is a trophy. I don’t think you need to dance for fluids or medicine when your sick. I don’t believe that a mom of 6 feels like she is getting a fucking trophy when she brings her kid to the ER because he has RSV. I don’t think she feels like a winner. If I sound mad, its because I am. Im infuriated. I am specifically infuriated with the self proclaimed christian who lobbies for making abortions illegal, but hasn’t adopted or fostered any children. Who doesn’t want universal health care but posts quotes from the bible about Jesus. Because to me, from my life experience of reading the bible, Jesus pretty much wanted you to trade your wealth to take care of the poor and sick and the stranger. I am infuriated. Not with Donald Trump, who is a self-proclaimed ass hole and doesn’t try to hide his hate of the poor, sick, and stranger (immigrant), woman, and anyone who isn’t a white male. Im infuriated with the evangelical who voted for him. You are the wolf dressed in sheeps clothes.

I know I sound mad, but I’m more mad at the people that pit us against each other through cheap tactics like abortions and gay marriage. Because from experience, I have way more in common with my best republican friends and family than I have different. But I still have those debilitating questions that completely flabbergast me. and I really would like genuine responses.

but like on a really light note, I actually love everyone and all my real life friends and Facebook friends no matter our differences. but these are crazy aggravating things that plague my mind and keep me up at night.

love to you all, XOXO kisses and hugs


4 thoughts on “The trouble with Tuesdays…

  1. I’ll say my opinion- For me, it’s not the people who are doing their best for the situation that they are in and still need help. It’s those who Deliberately choose not to do anything to better their situation because they would have to actually work for it. I used to work with a girl that had 2 kids, lived on every type of welfare available and got no money from the dad b/c if she did that she couldn’t be on welfare anymore. The dad worked in the oilfields making great money, he too was the problem b/c he chose not to help that much. However, she had MORE than enough opportunity to make her life better and she wouldn’t b/c she didn’t want to work. She had other people, mainly family, paying her bills and took her tax returns to buy new tattoo’s and a truck that she didn’t need. Those are the people that ruin it for everyone. I have no problems helping someone who truly needs it, but I will not give it to someone who wants to half ass their life and expect hand outs. Again, just my opinion.

    • That is very troubling. I have never personally experienced anyone like that but i do know that those that abuse the system exist. I still have a hard time thinking punishing everyone for that abuse is ethical or moral. I know theres a lot ofr frustration with this system because it is very broken, but its all we’ve got right now and taking those measure that help the poor away, wont make the poor go away. They will always exist.

      • Very true- it’s like any other “problem”, guns for example- making stricter laws isn’t going to stop a murderer from killing someone. If they want someone dead they’ll do it no matter what they use. Same with the poor, taking away helpful resources isn’t going to make them stop being poor. I just hate seeing people abuse the system for those that really need it.

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