Thoughts on not hating people who think and believe differently than you.

It’s so hard isn’t it? Whether it’s politics, religion, or how to properly make a bed, not hating someone who doesn’t do things or believe the same as you is hard. Because naturally, we all think that our own opinions and beliefs are the “right” way of thinking. It’s not like we just made these things up on the spot. Everyone comes to these conclusions throughout their lives because of different experiences they have had. How do we respect each other as people and resist the temptation to smash each other to the ground when we disagree?I actually don’t know. Was hoping something would come to me as I was writing this but I have got nothing. Because even though my values are to be kind and just and treat all people with respect, when I see things that are so full of hate, judgement and self righteousness my blood boils. I want with all my heart to destroy the ignorant thoughts I see with logic and loads of sarcasm to make them feel so so small. I know I’m an awful human. But I know I am not the only one. How do I know this? Because people are acting on this all over social media, behind screens, screaming their opinions. 

I think the reason I haven’t acted on my impulses to yell my words really loud and hatefully, even though it would feel REALLY good, is because I have not see one instance where that changes someone’s just as strong opinion to thinking like someone else. There is truly and literally no fruit from doing that. It doesn’t draw compassion, acceptance, respect, or tolerance from anyone. It continues to ignite fires of rage from everyone. 

I think the conversations about controversial things could be SO good if we knew how to communicate in a way where we listened to each other more than we yelled. When I was taking communications I remember one of the theories saying “speak in a way that people want to listen and listen in a way that people want to speak” that has always stuck with me because it seems so important if we ever want to create more acceptance, tolerance, and respect from each other and for each other. 

I don’t want to hear you if you don’t care to hear me. I don’t want to tell you my thoughts on something if the whole time you are preparing a rebuttals to shut me down. That’s not fun, that’s not educational or helpful. It doesn’t contribute to the world in a positive way. 

There are some amazing things happening in the world right now, both terrifying and liberating depending on who you are talking to. This is a remarkable time in history to be alive and experiencing all the life around us.

I wish we could figure out how to be human beings first, with compassion and understanding for our differences and value our humanity before we bring in all of our different opinions.

I wish we could all focus on loving one another before we scream out opinions, and even if we act on our impulses to yell our loud and passionate words, that at the end of that breath we remember to listen too. 

I think that would make the world a better place to live in. 

I think that would help us to hate each other a little less and love each other a little more.