Im trying to reflect and get real sentimental and shit because my birthday is monday and another year has passed, you know? Im always trying to do that. I feel like I haven’t done a good job of documenting all the good stuff this past year. I don’t really feel too sentimental, but this stuff is important to me, so Im sitting on the back porch and writing down every word that passes through my head. Because you know, its all interesting.

My birthday has always symbolized the beginning of one of the best times of the year. Because for one, I was born. Two through a bazillion are the seasons and all that come with the next 4 months. 23 was good. Full of awkward and breath taking beginnings. Its hard to write them all down. 23 was filled with the things life is made of.

There are so many things I’m grateful for this year.

Well Dustin Shea Finn was a pretty good thing from 23..

Im delighted that my family grew when my sister got married this summer, and for all the friends that got married this past year. Some might call 23 my year of weddings. It was crazy and amazing and such an honor to be included in the celebrations of my amazing friends and family.

I am grateful I took 3 different writing classes this 23rd year. Those were amazing and reminded me that I am a writer, and the people in my class, they fed my creative soul. Something I learned is that you cant be a writer unless your writing. So start writing, anything, everything. Just write it down. Half of it you’ll throw out, but it will get you to the good stuff you knew was always there.

My dog. I am not lying about loving a dog. Until you have loved one there is a part of your capacity to love and care that just hasn’t been awoken. Huxley, sheesh. He’s the bee’s knee’s.

Im so thankful to be so in love with my job. Its is such a good thing to love what you do. Its a rare gem.

Im thankful things are constantly changing, because thats how we grow. Learning is so empowering, and im so glad that I am getting to experience that. DO NOT TELL MY OLD SELF, but I am digging this school thing.

Im also really thankful for stretchy pants. They make me feel so good and happy.

23 was great. But im not sad to say good bye to it. I am really looking forward to all the things in 24 right now. im trying very hard to take in this moment though, the last few days of 23.

When i turned 22, Taylor Swift came out with her awesome song about it. Her new album comes out in October and my new mantra will most likely be on her new album. Maybe ‘Shake It Off’.


farewell 23, I loved all you brought me, I cherish you.

XOXO Bitches.


Shelby Kayann


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