Relationship weight <3 <3 <3

Ok lets just talk about relationship weight for one quick second.

Just a minute because im not one to obsess over my weight/appearance/body/hair/all the vain shenanagins.

(nope. lies)

But seriously. Just for a moment.  

Like I gained about 11 pounds since ive been dating my incredibly sweet/handsome/kind/thoughtful/funny/mushy/gushy/vomit/love of my life.

I am so happy.

Like 11 pounds happier.

I wanted to freak out at first. I was so confused about it.

I have never been in this kind of happy relationship before.

No pity party though. I am just used to wanting to vomit most of the time because of all the dysfunctional non-communicating type things I usually get wrapped into that make me so sick to my stomach and hate my life.

But this one…I mean he makes me dinner like all the nights ever.

I haven’t eaten this good since the womb (I was a 10 pounder infant newborn)

And he loves me and hugs me and kisses me all the days.

I was conversing with a friend about it and said “ive gained 11 pounds since last summer. “ and she very bluntly said “oh when you were miserable and unhappy and out of control?” then I was like ooh ya,

This is what happy feels like.

Im not trying to tribute my happiness to my chubbiness…but it’s made me second guess my hate of my weight gain…im happy…so really it’s just a sign of that.

Im really happy.

11 pounds happier.

I aint even mad anymore.


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