Thoughts, listen to yourself

If only I could explode with all the hopes and torn up questions inside of me.
Trying to appear perfect is still my goal.
I want to stop.
If only I could stop when I wanted to.
Oh soul, unravel your weary vibrant self.
Unravel your threads not to be tangled again but to be knit together like a scarf.
Remember all the courage you have seen and experienced.
Grab it.
Keep it close, in the pockets of your heart.
Stow it and steep in it.
Sing a lullaby, let it lull you into belief in yourself.
Believe in your worth. Trust in the reality of your existence as divine purpose.
Not planned by you, but Him.
Keep going when you just want to stop.
Keep moving when you feel like your getting no where.
When you are confused or complacent, force yourself to reach out your hand.
Throw away the skepticism and keep throwing it no matter how hard it comes back.
Don’t listen to the voice that sinks your heart under a rug.
Kick and scream yourself out of that waiting place.
Do not give up the fight.
Nobody is alone. I am not alone. You are not alone.
Build a shelter of rest.
Let the creator abide in you and you in him.
Stop separating the longing of your soul and his presence.
It is all connected.
Cry until there is nothing left.
Then start all over.
Never normalize or minimize this experience mentioned as life, or heart, or your work.
This work is important. This work matters.
It matters.
Let God fight your unworthiness.
Let Him fight for you.


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