whimsy wonderful things…

Whimsy Wonderful things…


There is something about writing things down for me. I can think it in my head, and feel it in my heart, but until it is down on paper, there is a disconnect. Journaling has always helped me make sense of the world. Starting when I was seven years old, I have these journals that are the ramblings of a little girl. I love having those. Especially when I am feeling crazy and know I just need to be alone and journal. I find it to be an encouraging reminder that the lord put that in me when I was young and so it makes sense that I still need it. He made me that way and I love that.

There is a line in a worship song that says “you have journaled about me every day of my life.” Or something…I love it though. I think its whimsy and wonderful to think that the lord put that wonderful desire in me, and maybe that’s a trait he has too. When I think about the Word of God, I have to believe God loves words and writing and reading. I think he made those things powerful and magical in a way.

When we as people are feeling pain, or joy, or fear, or confusion, I believe it is so powerful to put words to those feelings. I am left powerless if I don’t have a way to communicate the things I am experiencing. I feel paralyzed and scared. That may seem silly to some, but it is real and true for me. Then I think about some of the people in my neighborhood who are hurting and broken and scared. So many are fatherless and motherless and trapped. It makes me really wonder if they have any sort of way of communicating to themselves how they are feeling. When we don’t have the tools to know what we are feeling and how to communicate what we need, we are trapped in a cycle of confusion. It seems like that’s important in some way if we desire change and to move forward…

I have this jar on my windowsill and it is filled with moments. I started to write down moments throughout my year that seem important or magical or silly. I put them in this jar and I plan to read them at the end of this year. I remember reading a quote that Bob Goff said once, “If you don’t write it down, it’s like it never happened.” That makes me think and wonder about all the blessings and joyful things that have happened throughout my life that I haven’t written down…it makes me sad to think I have forgotten things like that.

I think I am trying to live a better story, and writing things down helps me.Readingthings that others have written helps me too. So I think we should all start writing it all down. All of it, the joys, the fears, the questions, the answers, everything, I don’t know, but it seems like something wonderful could come from it.

Have a happy day!


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